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My Story


I Became a Healer

I became fascinated with the physiology of the human body, it’s energies, and the healing properties of food. This was the spark that ignited my healing  journey, and study of natural medicine. It became clear that my purpose in life is to learn, empower, and share with others, assisting them with their own journeys back to health and wellness. 

I grew up in a household where health and wellness was always a topic of conversation, and I can thank my loving mother for the countless years of nagging to ensure I got my daily recommended servings of vegetables and hours of sleep. (EYE ROLL)   This was never a priority for me as a child, and many a healthy school lunch was thrown out or traded for a slice of pizza back then… (sorry mom).  But fast forward to entering adolescence, where I developed and struggled with acne, digestive issues, depression, anxiety and addiction for years, with no relief from western medicine. I found myself turning to the healing wisdom of nutrition, fitness and natural medicine.  

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Doctor of Traditional Chinese Medicine DTCM - 2018

Registered Acupuncturist RAc - 2018

Advanced Orthopaedic Training - 2018

Certified Holistic Nutritional Consultant C.H.N. - 2013

Reiki Levels 1 & 2 - 2013

Certified Pharmacy Technician - Retail - 2011

I Believe

Health Is Wealth

We can all enjoy life to the fullest when our body is functioning optimally in its natural rhythm. 

Prevention Before Intervention

The body has an innate way of telling us when there is disharmony.

Seeking the root cause and correcting minor imbalences before injuries or illness present is always my primary goal as a healer. 

Nature provides us with all we need to nurture and support ourselves abundantly. They key is in learning how to use it.

Food Is The Greatest Medicine 


Free Time Finds Me

  • ​ Logging training miles on YYC’s pathways or in the Rocky Mountains

  • Experimenting/creating new healthy recipes for family and friends

  • Exploring new mountaintops, camping, or enjoying campfires with friends

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